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Ian Milne

After looking at the 2B and Sub-K for long enough I thought it was about time I went and saw one in person! Well a friend of mine lives minutes away from the Robinhood factory so I called them up to confirm I could visit - turned out that the only time I had to go up there was also a collection day, and they weren't open to the public.

Well I thought I would send my dilemma to the Yahoo Group and had a few offers to visit a 2B. One of them was from Ian, who lives a short distance from me in Southampton. We spoke on the phone and organised a time to visit.

My main reason for wanting to see a 2B was concern about quality of materials supplied and overall design of the car - the quality of the build is up to the builder ;-)

Sadly I don't have any pictures of the day I visited, but when we arrived Ian showed me round the car and discussed the difficulties in building a 2B compared to a more expensive kit. His car was well built and even my wife was impressed by it (she was under the impression that the car would be more of a death trap than a sports car) and even the conversation with Ian wife didn't put her off!. When Ian took me out for a run, all my concerns about design and quality were blown away - I have been in lotus 7's before and always been disappointed with the amount of space in the cabin and leg room - I am quite broad shouldered and the ones I had been in were always a tight squeeze with one of my arms outside the car!

Cheers Ian, however I may change my mind once I start the build ;-)

Picture from Ian's Build Diary, just after registration - Hopefully get more pictures soon

Steve Young

At the end of February I finally made the trip to the other side of Eastleigh to meet up with Steve Young, He had collected his kit In May 2002 and was mid-way through his build. I did have another reason to go and see him - he had orginally had a ESC2 like my car but had decided to go fully manual (including the choke) and I was unsure about my carb - and very kindly Steve said I could have the old carb from him free of charge.

Once we arrived the first port of call was the garage (where else;) where I had the pleasure of seeing a beutifully built car. Steve had decided to build the car with all the panels and mechanics first before installing the loom and starting the car. The most humbling thing about the build was how very neat and tidy the car had been kept. I must try and take more time over this :)

We then and had a cup of tea and a chat - and most of the ime it wasn't about cars! we found a common interest in pubs and ale - which I am sure we will share at a later date.

Here is a picture of his car - to be fair it doesn't do the car justice, I'll need to get a picture of the engine bay as well - just to remind me how it can be done!