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Since finishing the car in June I have had a chance for a shakedown and have a better idea about what works and what doesn't on the car. Below is a list of changes I will be making to Flightless over the first winter. There is more information on each job on the GO>>>> link. If there isn't a link it's not been done yet.

Shorten the sump GO>>>>

This is really needed. The car has spent more time leaking than not!

Change the seats GO>>>>

Found some lovely leather ones on eBay - they cost me £50.

Fit new dashboard GO>>>>

This will include a new ignition key, button starter and capri clocks.

Create wind deflectors

Thought it would increase the chances of the car being used during the colder months.

Refit the petrol filler cap

Has trouble filling to the top.

Fit new boot interior

Large enough for an overnight bag this time.

Fit new boot lid

Same design different material.

Fit larger cycle wings

This will mean new brackets as well, and the cycle wings will cover the tyres better.

Fabricate and fit a tonneau cover

This one might not happen, I know what I want but I have no idea where to start.