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What are you doing?

It all started when I was trying to find something interesting to do with my old Triumph Dolomite 1300. I had owned the 'Dolly' for 5 years after a friend of mine gave it to me as a wedding present.

- Don't ask, long story -

Whilst looking on the internet for a solution, I found out about Robinhood Engineering. In the past they had supplied a kit for a Dolomite, although after sending them an email I found they have stopped that and now work mainly with a Sierra donor. I then started looking at the web sites out there and especially the RHOCAR web site. I also found a large community of people more than willing out help the newbie on the Yahoo Newsgroup - In particular Ian Milne who allowed me to come and see his 2B.

What's a 2B Then?

Well, if you believe the hyperbole it was called the '2B' because its chassis is built with a tubular framework, and was given the nickname 'tubie' by the guys at RHE and this was shortened to '2B'

And now the science bit: I freely admit this was stolen from the RHE website, but they say it better than I could ever...



One cornerless tubular space frame chassis manufactured from 38mm outside diameter x 2mm wall thickness mild steel. A 50mm o/d back braced roll over bar with seat belt anchorages is incorporated in the chassis. Pick up points for the steering rack, front and rear suspension and rear sub frame are integral parts of the chassis as are the engine mountings and steering support. The chassis is fully welded and sleeved internally at the joints. For safety, the chassis design has key members well ahead of the front suspension and well behind the occupants.

Steering and Suspension Components

Steering rack and shaft
Track rod ends (pair)
Front springs (pair)
Front shock absorbers (pair)
Phosphor bronze bush tubes (pair)
Two shaft locators
Two top swivels
Steering column support bracket
Steering column bush bracket
Rear shock absorber brackets

Interior Components

Mountney 11" leather rimmed steering wheel
Mountney steering boss
Perspex for instruments
High quality cockpit carpet
Length of vinyl
Cockpit edge finishing material
Snap on edge trim
Tin of glue



Windscreen Components

Toughened glass windscreen (BS Kite marked)
Two piece rounded aluminium frame with lower seal provision
Lower windscreen to body seal
Glazing rubber
Windscreen pillars (pair)
Wiper blades
Exhaust Components
Exhaust Components
One complete twin tube exhaust system
Stainless steel exhaust heat protector


Light Set (E marked)

Chrome headlamp units (pair)
Sealed beam units (pair)
Front flasher lamps (pair)
Number plate lamp
Rear combination lamps (pair)
Rear fog lamp
Side repeater lamps (pair)

Mild Steel Pre-cut and Folded Outer Panels

Two body sides
One rear panel
Two rear wing panels
Left and right hand louvred bonnet panels
Nose cone panels (pair) and filler panels
Pair rear crescents
Bonnet strengthener
Set of Mild Steel Inner Panels
Seat back panels
Firewall panels
Feet panels
Tunnel sides and top
Dashboard panel
Bonnet corner strengtheners
Two bulkhead side panels
'P' clips
Set of GRP Panels
Front nose
Front cycle wings (pair)
Rear wheel arches (pair)


Coolman brass radiator
Universally jointed prop shaft with grease nipples
Servo mounting panel
Set of three metal brake pipes
Locking aero style fuel cap
Demister vents
Front wing brackets
Stainless steel stone guards and beading
Set of bonnet catches
Bonnet catch safety rail
Bonnet edge trim
Nose cone grille and badge
Rear wing piping
Under floor strengthener section
Handbrake angle
Spare wheel threaded rod
Tube of silicone sealer
General fastener pack
Pair of gloves
Instruction video (12 hours)

In Addition I have purchased the following items:

2B Double wishbone suspension system

includes top and bottom unequal length wishbones
pair of Zeemeride adjustable coil overdampers
screw in socketed ball joints
Nylaspa bushes and radiator fan

Enhancement Pack

Pair of rear springs and shock absorbers
Pair of four point seatbelt harnesses ( SVA correct)
Set of four, 5 spoke alloy wheels with nuts (as shown on car)
Pair of top quality, Recaro seats
Stainless steel exhaust silencer (replacement part)
Stainless steel 4 into 1 performance manifold
Four flexible brake pipes
Number plate lamp bracket
Pair of mirrors (SVA correct)
Reversing lamp
Hand brake cable
Washer bottle and pump

Fuel tank

stainless steel - 40 litre

Overhaul Kit

Two front vented discs
Front brake pads
Wheel bearing kit
Budget Battery
Four Spark plugs
Plug leads
Oil filter
Steering bush
Rear wheel cylinders
Cam belt
Fan belt
Gallon of Oil
Tin of STP
Tin of brake fluid
More silicone sealant
More aerosol glue