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25th April

Wouldn't the world be a nice place if work didn't get in the way of pleasure? Well in my case it has done for the last 2 months - I have been nice and busy at work and nice and busy building the car, leaving very little time to update this website.

Well this month has been really productive - I have been able to move on quite far - even to the point of filling in my SVA form!

Anyway, I'll quickly run through what I have done to bring you up to speed, and in May I'll try to give a better commentary of the lead-up to the SVA.

Front Wings/Mudguards

Now these were a real pain - the brackets they now supply are different from the ones described in the videos, and not surprisingly, they don't fit! The collar that holds the two parts of the pipes together has a larger inner diameter than the pipes have an outer diameter, and the lengths are all wrong - and once they have been fitted you have to cut the fibreglass to allow it to fit! I'm not really happy with them, but they are on and I'll worry about them post-SVA. ...mind you, the metalwork needs a new lick of paint...


These worked out quite well. I used the shower pipe idea and was able to make it fit flush to the body panel by cutting a 12mm threaded bar to length and drilling a 7.5mm hole through the centre, then bolting the back and fitting the pipe to the front, squashing the panel between them.


I fitted internal panels (thanks Steve Young for the ali), carpeted and then fitted the seats - they were very tight. If I can give one bit of advice here - don't buy the seats. There are much nicer ones available that would fit a damn sight easier than these!